Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Stay Vigilant

The long road ahead The long road ahead John Lorenz

Valley View has been open for seven weeks. The plan seems to be working fairly well. Having a reduced capacity makes it feel spacious and relaxed. The one area that could use improvement is wearing masks. Some people are a little too relaxed about this detail, which is the one thing we can do to dramatically reduce the risk. One person related that it was confusing as to when to wear a mask and when it was OK not to wear a mask. A good rule of thumb: If someone else is visible, mask up! The only time you should be without a mask is in the pools. The state requires masks around swimming pools. We are less crowded than some pools but we still want you to wear a mask when you are on the swimming pool deck. With your cooperation, we can remain open. Our capacity is much reduced to help prevent the spread of the virus. If we could step up the use of masks, we might be able to increase the capacity a little, which would give more people an opportunity to be here.

Our revised guidelines state:

REQUIRED - INDOOR COMMON AREAS except your own room or camp site.
REQUIRED - OUTDOORS You may encounter others at any time. Have your mask on so you don't forget. Please wear your mask when sunning on the swimming pool deck
OPTIONAL - IN POOLS where breathing may be difficult

Thank You!

We wear masks to protect others more than ourselves. Homemade and cloth masks are adequate. Bring more than one mask. Wear your mask at check-in. No Mask - No Entry

Another concern is intoxication. We added a statement to our new guidelines in an attempt to clarify OLT's position on the consumption of alcohol and drugs on our property and at the pools & ponds. We have a long history of tolerance for both alcohol and, more recently, marijuana use, as long as guests were respectful and behaved responsibly, not impacting others. That has not changed.

Unfortunately, the nature of alcohol and drugs is that the user relaxes, may consume too much and may not be aware of their impact. High altitude and hot water intensify the effects, also adding to dehydration. It's been our experience that when guests over indulge they lose the ability to make good decisions, to follow guidelines and be respectful of others. This often results in not just impacting other guests' experience but in a medical emergency, this puts our staff, our local Emergency Medical Personnel, and other guests at risk.

During this time of pandemic, it's even more important that you think of others, make good choices, keep alcohol consumption and other substance use to a minimum. Stay away from pools & ponds and hiking trails if you are impaired so that you are not putting our staff, volunteers or others at risk. Responsible consumption is acceptable. Intoxication or the use of illegal drugs on OLT property is not.

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