Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

Rate Increase

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There will be rate increases for 2020. Admission fees are going up and guests will be charged taxes directly. Rate increases will go into effect March 1, 2020.

Admission Fees: There is a $2.00 increase on Day Pass Admissions and a $4.00 increase on Overnight Admissions. May through September, a day pass admission is going to be $17.00 per adult. Overnight admission will be $34.00 per adult. October through April, Day Pass Admission will be $15.00 per adult and Overnight Admission will be $30.00 per adult. Children are still admitted at no charge. Pet fees will remain the same.

Taxes: OLT is required to pay several taxes, State taxes and Saguache County Taxes. We do not have to pay tax on admission fees but we do pay taxes on sales and lodging. These taxes have increased steadily over the years. Up until now, OLT has paid the taxes from the payment made. From now on, taxes will be added to the payment. As an example, during the summer, Elm cabin costs $75.00 and up until this year, the taxes OLT paid (about $5.10 was sent to the state out of the $75.00 paid). From now on the tax will be added meaning that Elm cabin in the summer will cost $75.00 plus tax, or about $80.25.

We are aware that these rate increases may pose a hardship for some. We do not take this step without some long, critical examination. The expenses for OLT have continually increased. There have been several expensive projects. The Wastewater treatment plant installed in 2015 was three years in planning and design. The Colorado Public Health And Environment Drinking Water division requires that we treat the drinking water and that has taken two years of planning, design, and installation. The big project for the past two or three years that has taken time and effort is the new reservation system that will improve the reservation, check-in, and record keeping needs. This has been complex and we have endeavored to provide a complete transition of all the features that have made the check-in process for guests quicker and confusion free while opening the door for future features. The Wastewater Treatment plant has been reliable and involves less irritating odors than the previous, undersized system. The drinking water treatment is providing high quality water that tastes good and is safe and state approved. Both the Wastewater Treatment system and the drinking water disinfection system were mandated by the State of Colorado. The reservation system is nearing completion and although it will take training and practice to get up to speed, the opportunity to gradually improve and refine is promising.

Even though we have seen an increase in expenses, another reason for increasing the rates is to provide health insurance for staff. Employer provided health care is a real benefit for many. There is a robust debate among state and federal legislators regarding ways to improve healthcare. In the meantime, we are addressing the very real needs of our staff to meet the present environment. The future may bring better solutions for all.

It has been ten years since admission rates went up. The Board of Directors and staff have continually and consistently advocated for keeping these costs down, Compared to other hot springs, the rates, even with this increase, are still lower than most. We continue to admit accompanied minors at no charge. We are maintaining a lower winter rate to offer a time that costs are lower and to encourage people to visit during the beautiful, white wintry months.

Thank you for your support!

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